Saturday, 29 December 2012

Out-take: A Rosalie Christmas

A very brief out-take from the life of Rosalie Cochran. The year is 1993 and she finds herself on tour in Australia when Christmas comes along...

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Meeting Your Heroes: Liam Byrne Interview 1991

Just a short article about Liam from '91. 

Meeting Your Heroes by Catriona Slade, The Sunday Mailograph. 1991.

I fell in love for the first time in 1976. I was fifteen and my birthday present had been two tickets to rock concert - my first.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Scars: An Excerpt from "An Interview With JD Twain", 2005

An Excerpt from "An Interview With JD Twain", 2004.

At first glance, JD Twain's skin is perfect. Certainly far better than he deserves. If he had an attic, I'd put money on there being a portrait up there, deteriorating. For a man who has lived the rock and roll cliches to their extremes, his skin doesn’t show it.

Walking In The Shadowlands

Walking in the Shadowlands is a nearly-finished book by Clare Worley. It concerns the history of legendary rock group Shadowlands and attempts to answer many of the questions which surround the band.

Clare interviewed each member of the group in the process of putting the book together: guitarist JD Twain (Voted 'The World's Most Gorgeous Guitarist' six times by readers of Pop Smash! magazine); pianist-vocalist and songwriter Liam Byrne; eternally cool bass player Peter Lazini; golden-haired drummer Sam Mascha; the group's roadie-turned-manager Charlie Brown and most sensationally, ex-member turned solo star Rosalie Cochran.

Here at Shadowlands Music we'll be posting articles about the band from throughout their long career, from early pop magazine fluff to in-depth interviews and album reviews - yup, even The Gate - and maybe answering some of the questions bothering fans and critics across their amazing forty-year career.
  • Why did the group cancel so many dates in 1988?
  • Did the Magnum Incident in Miami really happen?
  • Is Pete Lazini as tough as he looks?
  • Why did Rosalie Cochran leave so abruptly in 1979?
  • Did the group really parade naked through Stevenage Town Centre after their triumphant Knebworth gig?
  • The Gate: what the hell were they thinking?