Saturday, 26 January 2013

Shadowlands Remasters Collection: All The World

The latest release in the Shadowlands Remasters Collection is sophomore album All The World. Originally released in June 1971, it marked their entrance into the big time.

Recorded at the now-legendary Shadowlands Villa studio and produced by Simon Philips, the album was the first to feature the trademark Shadowlands heavy guitar/dark piano/rich vocals combination.

Gather No Moss magazine called the record 'a great melding of Californian sunshine and London smog, darkly bright, complex and simple. These guys are going to go far.'

Producer Simon Philips has helmed the remastering process. 'It's a great album but technology at the time was limited and a lot of detail got lost in the mix. For example, Twain's mandolin work on "A Touch of Venus" was hardly audible on the original album but we've been able to overhaul the masters and restore it to the sound the group wanted. It's a richer aural experience, just as the Shads intended in 1971.'

All The World is available online and in all good music stores from Monday.

Pacific Coast Highway
Instrumental, Byrne/Twain
Me and the Devil Blues
Cover, Robert Johnson
I’m Only Sleeping
Twelve Labours
On The Town
Cover, musical theme
All The World
A Touch of Venus
In The Dark

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