Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Shadowlands Remasters Collection: Kite Life

Smug Snake Records are pleased to announce the upcoming re-release of Shadowlands' classic 1970s releases.

The first release is Kite Life, the group's 1971 debut album. Every track has been digitally remastered for perfect quality sound for modern devices.

The two-year project has been overseen by the group's long-time producer Simon Philips with close input from the band themselves.

Liam Byrne has been instrumental in the project: 'We've wanted to clean up the master tapes for a long time but never got round to it. The catalogue was rereleased on CD years ago but not to a standard we consider high enough for our fans. Technology has allowed us much more flexibility than we had back then. We're still working out of the same pool-house but there are new avenues open to us. For instance, we've been able to bring the mandolin to the forefront of the mix in "In A Grain of Sand" and it was just buried under everything else on the original record. This is how the record was meant to sound.'

Kite Life, originally released on January 28th 1971, is released by Smug Snake this Monday.

Kite Life (Twain/Byrne)
All My World (Twain/Byrne)
Sunday Sunshine Groove (Twain/Byrne/Lazini/Mascha)
Cosmic Lightning Blues (Twain/Lazini)
Mojave Desert (Twain/Byrne)
Time Enough (Byrne)
Sweet Little One (Twain/Byrne)
Square Root (Byrne)
In A Grain of Sand (Twain/Byrne)
Walking With An Old Friend on Venice Boardwalk In The Rain (Twain/Byrne)
One Too Many Mornings (Dylan)

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