Sunday, 25 August 2013

About The Author: Clare Worley

Clare was born in 1982 but really came to life the first time she heard Buddy Holly. Since then she’s dedicated herself to two things: writing and music.

Taught to type at a very young age - on an Amstrad no less - Clare has been writing stories since she was very young, but most of those early works have been mercifully lost to the snowdrifts of time. She's never met a blank piece of paper she didn't like and her My Documents folder is full of bits of stories biding their time, waiting for her to get to them.

Clare is also a singer-songwriter and has been playing guitar semi-well since she was ten years old. She currently fronts pre-decimal blues band Clarabella & The Crypt Kicker IV, who pop up around London from time to time, and makes the occasional appearance with other informal groups. She has particular love for rock music of the 50s-70s, trad Irish folk and Dean Martin.

A graduate in both American Studies and Journalism, Clare is also a devotee of classic Hollywood cinema and great television. She has a particular love for Errol Flynn, Screen Star and total contempt for Errol Flynn, Real Man.

A fan of many things, Clare has been active in a number of fandoms over the years, and bits of her fanfic (well-received by fellow fans) clutter up various corners of the internet and proved to be good practice for her original work. She's written some articles about music published online and has worked with the London Afrobeat Collective on their bio and promotional material.

Walking in the Shadowlands is Clare’s first completed novel but there’s more to come, one of these days.

More Clare Stuff of Awesome

Walking in the Shadowlands outtakes, extras and titbits:

Maria Goes To Dublin In Search of Dion Randall: Guitar god Dion Randall disappeared over twenty years ago. His young fan Maria wants to find him, if only to say 'thanks, for the music.' A short(ish) story about what it means to be a fan.

Whistling Clarabella, a blog about pop culture including the ‘100 Awesome Musical Things on You Tube’ series and various short stories: Whistling Clarabella

You can find Clare’s ‘Dead Men’s Shoes’ three-track EP online: Dead Men's Shoes: Clare Worley

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