Saturday, 10 August 2013

Articles from The Archive - Menage-a-Shadowlands

London Rocks, 1975

Rock and roll is sex, in name and theme and content. Shadowlands’ blend of smoldering sexual energy and sparkling chemistry is in another galaxy.
JD Twain’s priapic guitar slices through the onstage atmosphere, teasing and pleasing while Byronic Liam Byrne’s rich low tenor vibrates the panties right off any and all women in earshot. Rosalie’s feline slink and slyly shaking hips hypnotise anyone not already at their mercy.
There have been hot and sexy bands before, but this menage-a-trois could turn on the Pope.
Much of the power comes from the music: rousing anthem “Riches to Rags”, heart breaker ballads like “Sometimes”. Duets between Byrne and Rosalie crackle with enough sexual chemistry to raze the building and that’s before the rhythm section get their dues.
There are some groups where all the elements have just fallen right into place. Shadowlands are one such group and no matter what they’ve already achieved, they’re still reaching for more. If they’re not bigger than Zeppelin, it ain’t because they aren’t good enough, it’s only that Robert Plant is prettier than Rosalie.

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